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These Windows Applications are totally free to use, copy, redistribute and come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Free little Nifty PC stopwatch
Free Automatic CAPS Lock. When your 'Process/Application' is currently on top, CAPS lock is on.
Find COM Port
Don't know what COM ports your PC has. Run this little tool to find out.
Muddle It
Enter text and either strip vowels or muddle text just for fun
Serial Port Capture
Free Serial Port capture. Display shows in Ascii with options to open in notepad and/or append to text file. Docklight [.ptp] file support for Sending Data.
Keep an eye on your internet connection. Simple application that monitors your internet connection every 15 seconds.
V1.3 update 20/05/17 - Google primary DNS not responding. Added secondary DNS so that if at least one of them is responding, then Internet is OK .
Search inside a 'FlatFile' (Text/Notepad file) [*.txt, *.csv, *.xml, *.htm, *.html etc] for specific text characters/strings and/or text markers and create a new Notepad file with filter parameters.
Your ISP constantly changing your WAN IP? Want to know when they change it?
Maybe you have a CCTV system. You're away from home and your ISP changes your WAN IP. Now you can't see your cameras. Get to know when it happens and what your WAN IP has changed to. Have your home PC email you.
Trouble with your COM Ports (Serial Ports) ?
This little tester can quickly tell you if it's working or not. You don't need PC knowledge. Just 1,2,3 Test. That's it. Easy!
Alarm Receiver
No Frills Alarm Receiver (for burglar alarms)
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