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The Settings Screen
The PopUp Message
Walking along, looking at your phone...

You might walk into a Lamp Post !
You might walk into Traffic !

Be aware of your surroundings.

Get alerted/prompted as you walk so you don't have an accident while your mind is stuck in your device.

If your device does not support Vibrate, you will not see the vibrate option.

  • Supported Languages: English, Welsh, Irish, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Italian, Swedish
  • Nine Vibration patterns
  • Nine Audible warning sounds
  • High and Low Sensitivity
  • Configurable Alert Message

  • Good for the kids phones who don't look where they are going.
  • Good for the easily transfixed minds.
  • Good for reminding you before you step out into the road.

Simple, with safety in mind.

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